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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Why I haven't posted in so long

I can practically explain why I haven't uploaded posts in so long but I guess it's because there is a correlation between your academic performance and your connection to social media. You would think that people telling you to get off your social media would be so cliche but the truth is it is what it is. After a while you decide to challenge this stigma by trying it out yourself. I didn't really try it, it wasn't really a choice so I more or less just made it a part of my life.
Generally people usually tell me that when school is over, I am going to find something in me that is going to make me miss school. As we speak I'm 17 years of age and I'm doing my last year of high school and I would like to say that I would not miss every bit of school. Mostly because of the fact that I felt as it school limited my emotional intelligence. School made me believe as if I would never be able to achieve anything in life because I wasn't good in certain subjects and had teachers to remind me that. This left me in depression. I left social media thinking that it doesn't fill the void it used to because how do you get better at a subject by wasting time writing about things on the internet. Therefore I've concluded that I don't understand why filthy people go to school because it doesn't make sense when us poor people are fighting to get the skills to run a company or something bigger in life.
I am not saying that I'm back and that I'm going to blog 24/7 I'm just saying that life just keeps on getting tougher and I need to adjust to that. I will email according to whether or not I'll be done with my assignments because I'm applying to university soon. I'll post a new video soon and incase you feel like stoppng by my social media.


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