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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Singer changes Love song

Although the original version of I'm not the only one had emotion, you have not seen anything yet. A new version of I'm not the only one came out and this singer brings it out in ways you can't believe. You can feel the emotions when she sings and picture the sad moment when her voice tingles in your ears.
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but that's not all this girl ain't just a singer, she's also a very amazing artist and a very good actor which explains the very professional and amazing expressions you get from the way she sings. She feels the music in such a way that you can tell that she has gone through these situations some time in her life which has still not been confirmed but she is able to blow people's minds using her voice.
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This fabulous singer is also french and her most popular song is in french so I practically don't know the full name but do yourself a favour check out her profile and her song and you'll probably find it anyways.She has also made french songs.
Okay now back to this girl! She's very talented in many categories because if being good in music,art and drama wasn't enough, she has had experience in athletics and football as well and is considered a very fast learner in any sport that's brought her way.
You are totally dead wrong!
She is also a girl known to be good at every subject name it! Math, English..........list goes on.......

She is also really pretty if you noticed the curly hair, beautiful freckles that make her face glow, nice teeth, great complexion and cool dressing style.

In my opinion I think when god was making human beings he forgot the fact that some of us (also wanted these talents too) and that I also wanted to be Mozart because I look at that pinky and still wonder where my pinky goes because when I play i look like my pinky is just paralysed because it never use it while I'm playing. It just hangs there
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People can be Scout Cochu (Iman cochu)
so just watch the video and join the amazement with me:
Please watch!

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