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Friday, 23 May 2014

How do you know if you're friend is really worth it?

Well some people are Mean and some kind or some are just kind because they act like it but some features are just easy to be seen or can be seen if you try to make them see and your friend may not be there every time when you need them.
You will need a notepad for this make a page where you will right all the friend does right and what she does wrong!

Okay first I like food so probably that's how I get that feeling.Most people do like food so that's when you'll find them being the most selfish so just try testing if they will give you food at first. There is some saying........Oh who am I kidding?!?!?! I ain't a monk!! I just made it myself.
A friend that gives you food,Is a friend for life!-Lakisha Plummer
All you have to do is ask for the food and check for her response
A good friend would say "Yeah!You can take my food"
A better or best friend would say "Let's eat the food together!, Yes!,Help yourself"
A tricky/ungreatful friend would say "I am sorry but I need to eat this by myself,It's my lunch,I am hungry"
I know this may seem harsh but somehow It doesn't really matter if a friend is hungry or not, It just matters on whether you are able to treat your friend the way he/she is suppose to be treated when they want or desire something and how you as a friend can help them get it.

When the girl/guy gets it right make one of those ticks next to the task that they were suppose to complete and if It was wrong then make a cross sign.

Okay then try this somehow make a fake secret.It's not that you don't trust this person after all you just want to see if you're friend is worth all your trust
“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” 
― William ShakespeareAll's Well That Ends Well
Exactly!Do what the quote says
So whoever this person is better not be your very close friend,It should be someone who you would not call your best friend right now but not your enemy either.One of those people that just mess with you and don't help you in anyway so this would be a great way of trying out their trust.
Okay also try this,It's the most obvious way to tell whether you have good friend or not probably your single or you are in a relationship! and your friend will probably know you like that person a lot but then ends up
flirting with them
talking not so great stuff about you
convincing him you're not the right person for him/her
this sympotoms show that the person just want to ruin your welfare so they don't make good friends at all cause good friends always try to help each other and do what is best for their friend and not what will upset them while they are there.

Another way is by checking how many bad names they call you in a day and there's a difference between name calling for fun and name calling because you actually mean it and name calling shouldn't be fun because some how anytime the person could take it seriously even when u really don't mean so just check the body language of how that person responds to you.

How they treat you when they see a person from another gender is also another way of telling whether they value tour friendship.Most people who don't value their friends would mostly act different towards a presence of someone from another gender,for example when guys see girls,the guy would just run to talk to the guy leaving his buddy behind making him/her very much a person that doesn't value their friendship or with a girl or a girl would walk faster just to catch up with the guy infront. On the same note it's not that great to try this trick but just try it if you really have to!

Anyways that's all for now I will be back with better tips for other situations next time.