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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Girls Vs Boys

Girl team captain from Aga Khan,Under 13 walked with pride for she thought her team was amazingly the greatest team of all time.Well!coincidentally the guy of her dreams is in the other team................well captain of the under 13 boys
As he babbled all about how girls were weak and defensless...............
The captain couldn't take it one bit and challenged them to a
But boy did that end bad!!!!!

The girls lost !!!

52         to               0

 What a shame!!!! and that was for less than an hour so imagine of it was two hours!!!!!

One of them is my friend Ruhyi Ratansi so just to make her upset!!! she was the best star of the team but could not make a shot!!!!
tsk tsk tsk
PS:What happens in the blog stays in the blog
True story FYI!(For your information)
This is my school........................well not really!!!!!!! this is just part of the school I go to
It's the basketball court where the under 13 girls were beaten
It looks huge on the outside and cooler on the inside especially at night