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Monday, 9 September 2013

The greatest book of the month

Enjoy the greatest book of the month starring Victoria Justice

It's called Heart Breaking Playboy
It's all about this girl named Tanisha( Victoria Justice)
She has a crush on a new school guy and the huge problem is that some popular kid likes too.After having a bad history of popularity in her shoulders and joining a new school that may have it's advantages and disadvantages.
Words in that they might be going to prom together because of some gossip that was heard in the washroom but is the latest gossip really the TRUTH..................
Check it out on Wattpad

Save Nature
Sometimes people always say that even the smallest mistakes can ruin your life but the worst are the ones that kill
All the bad choices you make all the bad roads you take are all mentioned here
Please watch it to show you ways of how you can develop nature and ways you can stop these mistakes from happening again