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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Aga Khan acedemy match DP2 vs teahcers

On Friday,The teachers had a match against the DP2 boys and and just when they thought everything was going perfect the DP2 scored 2 making it 2-1 so then what happened the teachers had 2 minutes and everyone was happy that the DP2 were almost done but then as time was almost done,the teachers made a last minute score.


The greatest part of the game was that there was a girl playing with awesome football skills,her name's Hanifa and she was the ONLY girl in the field.


well stay tuned for the latest juicy news from all over the world,right here on Lucky's blog..............:):):):)

Thursday, 22 November 2012


Dear viewer,
                   It has come to my attention that cats everywhere are being mistreated

Cats are our friends not our enemies
What I did and how I got this information this is what I did.This may seem funny and nothing to laugh here but then I talk to cats well kittens in particular.I have found out that if you talk to the cat in a younger cat,it won't be afraid and it won't run away.
In my school they are many cats well it's a sad story but then I guess I will explain.
There was this sick cat that died out of giving birth to lots of cats.It was hanging on a tree next to junior school (primary level grade 1-6 school)
well that's not the exact picture but this is also what I am talking about the dead cat on the tree(not mine.more info:
The school thought they were sick and since they were not a big fan of cats they were decided to be thrown away.

One managed to come back and after a few months or weeks it gave birth to a whole family of kittens once again.When me and my friend were going to the french room,kittens just ran in front of us in a fast speed.
well one got separated from the others because of how different it was.It's eyes were yellow and you can rarely see the pupil.The fur of the cat was also different,it was grey they were either orange,white or mixed but then this grey cat came up to me and started sleeping on my leg.
I decided to give it water and it started sleeping in the dorms.My friends would probably hate me if they found out I let the cat in but I had no choice.CATS HAVE FEELINGS TOO.I know they would also hate me if I were to tell them that I let it in my room.
To be honest,I have asthma and these are one of the things I should be staying away from but then if you were a cat you would also expect people to care about what they are going through.

This shows that they don't need respect they deserve less respect.

I took a survey in my school and looked at how many people liked school cats and how many hate cats.
50% said they hated the school cats
25% said they love school cats
25% could not answer to the question

"I don't like school cats,If I were to choose between kicking the school cats and calling it out,I would rather call it out because it's has feelings.School cats are creepy because you don't even know if they were clean or not so if it were to sleep on my leg I would freak out like mad,The eyes are even creepier,I don't think they should be kicked or mistreated though because I own a cat and I think it makes it hate you even more" anonymous student from Aga Khan acedemy Mombasa

"I love school cats,I love cats in general so much,I wouldn't care if it went other the table cause I love cats so much,I don't think I even mind if it slept on my leg unless it's not washed is when I would freak out,I love eyes of any cats and I don't think cats deserve to be mistreated they are human too"
another anonymous student in Aga Khan acedemy Mombasa

So as I have noticed many people hate school cats and they are always mistreated and kicked and beaten.
What I think we should do is try to spread awareness about how cats are mistreated and remember that cats are still like you.
There is also a girl who hates school cats so much,she is afraid of them and their eyeballs and she would kick it so hard that there wouldn't be caught dead without being buried alive

"I hate school cats that go under the table and try to touch me,it's just messed up and disgusting.Have they showered because I hate cats who haven't showered" anonymous

Lots of comments come around and they all conclude that
There is even a cat in the school it is recently going through tough times
It is being kicked while it's pregnant
It has to sleep and get worried about a cart of food that goes back and forth everyday
It has to make sure it does not get sick or it can be thrown out of the school
It sleeps with it's hands on the face on a human-sleeping posture

There is nothing we can do actually but that's just one person can say but TOGETHER AS ONE
So remember
Don't bully cats
Treat a cat the way you would like to be treated in a positive way

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Today there was a interhouse sports tournament in Aga Khan acedemy Mombasa and the unexpected happened in a certain tournament SWIMMING

HAWKS,also known as RED HOUSE won in Fist Place unbelievably for the first time in the unexpected and the most unexpected part is that HAWKS HAD NEVER WON ANY GAME BEFORE IN FIRST PLACE,BUT THIS TIME HAWKS HAVE WON. No more hiding in the dark,No more hiding in shame but today the RED color HAWKS have shown all the colors whose boss

 then followed by Ravens which is also known as Blue house
 Then followed by Eagles which is also known as the yellow team
Then for the first time in history after falcons always being first in swimming has become last from swimming
also known as the green team.

Lucille Bliss, voice of Smurfette, dies at 96

Voice actress and whose career since the 60 year old age was to star smurfette in the 1980s animated series which now THE SMURFS OFFICIALLY DEAD.Poor Lucille Bliss died in the age of 96.

Bliss died on November the 8th over natural causes at an assisstant living center in Coast Meca,Calif, the orange country corner told the Los Angeles Times.

Bliss has worked hard to the time of her death and has done lots of voice acting.One of them is the voice role in Cinderella where she had to play the step sister,Anastasia in 1950s

 "Cinderella go make my crumpets"Is what she would say for this line and if she was to tell you one of her lines in Cinderella that would have to be one of the lines.

This lady never quit doesn't she.She had another title role in the original "Crusader Rabbit"

After taking the big role of  being Cinderella's step sister,this girl could not give up.She then got another title role in another original movie "Crusader Rabit" which was the first animated series that was specifacally mean't for television.. The show, which originally aired on NBC from 1950-52, was co-created by Jay Ward of "Rocky and Bullwinkle" and "Dudley Do-Right" fame.

This lady is such a voice acting expert,she moved to the Jetsons but then things didn't turn out so well
Bliss later voiced the original Elroy in the 1960s TV series "The Jetsons" (she reportedly lost that job when she refused to work under a stage name to cover up the fact the she was a woman voicing a little boy).
Well she tried again but the others were the same problems she had (STAR WARS AND THE FINSTONES) 
 But she will perhaps be best remembered as the voice of Smurfette in the beloved '80s series. The character, as voiced by Bliss, also appeared in several TV movies and specials throughout the decade. (Katy Perry voiced the character in the 2011 big-screen version along with its upcoming sequel.).

More recently, she had voice roles in the movie "Robots" and the TV series "Avatar: The Last Airbender."

Bliss was born March 31, 1916, in New York to Frieda Siemens, a classically trained pianist who wanted to train as an opera singer, and James Francis Bliss. After her father died in 1928, she and her mother moved to San Francisco, where Bliss took acting lessons. She later borrowed $50 to move to Los Angeles for the "Cinderella" audition.
Bliss never married and has no immediate survivors.
A memorial service will be held at 1:30 p.m. Nov. 20 at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Bella thorne cheers for her Boyfriend Tristen klier in a football

Bella Thorne supporting her boyfriend in a football match
Miss cheerleader supporting her boyfriend in a football game you can hear her shout and show her inner cheerleader.