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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Selena Gomez storms out of Justein Beiber date

Selena Gomez and Justein Beiber turn out to be a complete FAIL!!
As much as we hate it AND LOTS OF PEOPLE CAN'T SAY IT BUT, eyewitnesses saw Selena Gomez and  Justin Beiber getting into an "epic argument" on a dinner date in the Valley last night just when you think things would get better for them they just got a whole lot worse.

Things got so bad, Selenita JUST WALKED UP AND LEFT less than ten minutes after the food arrived,very sad isn't it?

Biebs followed his special lady all the way back to her place. But this is where we know it's bad…and it totally gets worse,
As soon as he made his way to her place, one of the paps saw him try to gain access at the gate. But she DENIED him any entrance!!
Disappointed and probably pissed and annoyed, Bieber gave up and drove off.
Wow… this blows. We were really hoping they could work things out. Cuz c'mon — they're JELENA!!
and people thought they were great only a few had opposed to it but they must be happy now.
Sigh… but if it's already this bad, maybe it's best they go their separate ways for good because they even said that work could get in the way of them two being together and sure they weren't perfect but then whatever Selena Gomez whatever she says is FINAL.

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