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Monday, 27 August 2012

CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!

This is the story of the weirdest cat fights ever told, the fight that just ended weird. The bloody tale that was just played wrong.
The fight for romance
Even cats have feelings and apparently also they believe in love.
There was an owner with three cats
Millie is the cute female cat who is so beautiful and cute and she loves both greedy and Tommy. Tommy is the most polite cat they have in the house she allows anything that involves playing with her and nurturing but T9 is the complete opposite of Tommy he hates the owner, he hates being touched, he hates eating, playing, meowing, neighbours and kids and what he hates the most out of anything in the world is Tommy
I feel very sorry for them all because it’s always the same old riot.
Millie hides in shame, T9 scratches Tommy and Tommy hisses in anger and agony.
Both Tommy and T like Millie and don’t want any of each other to get their hands on Millie.
So then some very few years passed where the same thing was going on and on till one day when the owner’s father came(the owner is a ten-year old) the house was very silent no scratching, no hissing, no torn furniture from all the scratching Millie has been doing to try to hide from the fight.
The house seemed empty……..while it lasted
As he opened the kitchen door he saw Tommy and T9 Looking at each other starring, waiting for one of them to make the first move at that time it was 5 o’clock in the evening when it started but this was not normal they both weren’t moving their tails or moving heads they were just mving their eyes and teeth to picture their next
The daughter was very late to arrive from school, he thought the only reason she would have been late was because of her year 4 assessment to go to year 5 she talked about in the morning.
The father called her cousin and aunt to check it out.
At seven o’clock when the girl was suppose to come home, she is like 0 hours,0 minutes and 15 seconds late. Still no dumb movements and everything is still silent
The aunt predicted a battle and said that’s how it will end to the death. the father thought it was a joke and asked what they should next. no sudden movements or……
Just as she was about to finish that sentence, a pen dropped from the father’s pocket. That tiny sound affected the cat’s ear’s and made them move but the move they were doing was battling to the death. They scratched each other like there was no tomorrow and the father and aunt thought it would never end while the cousin is like FIGHT,FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT !!!
But then at the end after all that scratching and biting
Tommy was killed by T9
BUT AGAIN while the battle was over and T9 came to collect the prize(MILLY)

The next part is the weird part, he kills Millie for knowing Tommy and for the guilt he jumps outside the window killing himself.
That part wasn’t figured out and no one knows why he or it did it but it just shows that cats have a ridiculous perspective of life.

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