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Monday, 5 February 2018

Paparazzi -Lady Gaga cover by Lakisha Plummer

The first cover of 2018 soooooo! Drop what you are doing and go check it out! Hurry Hurry and hopefully I can be able to reach over 1000 subscribers some day so make my dreams come true by liking,comment, subscribing and sharing! 

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Saturday, 20 January 2018

1000 squats challenge

I just posted my workout video on youtube. Getting a little serious ... hoping to do more on 2018. It's not as easy as it looks so just go and check it out. It's a hundred times funnier than other workout videos.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Are you considering applying to an iB curriculum

I would like to apologize for not keeping up with my posts however I got the perfect explanation for it ... IB ... You have got to believe me, it's not as easy as it looks. Just ask the other kids who are doing IB. Actually don't!they are probably doing CAS reflections especially when they are 15. That's when life hits ... I mean for an 18 year old student anyways.
The focus of today will be on weekly tests😔😔. I would have elaborated a lot more on the topic however the post just erased itself so I'm writing this for the second time in one day which is frustrating considering that I have tons of work at the moment. 😖
I am currently doing my second year of my diploma programme📓📐 and here we call it "DP2"📚. If you must know the reason why this curriculum is challenging is because of the way many teachers interpret the criterions and I feel like there are many teachers that enter as teachers to teach in this curriculum but aren't actually qualified. So what happens is that teachers end up making their own rules of what is expected of the IB in hopes of making the curriculum is easier for students to cope however most of them fail miserably.
I might make another post in relations to what happened when I first joined the diploma programme and the challenges that I faced while doing it, but for now I will focus on weekly tests. For those that are reading this word "WEEKLY TESTS" are probably unfamiliar 😱 with the term while it's an easy term to understand. It's unfamiliar because no other school considers having weekly tests however it's simple to understand because coming from the name, it's tests "TESTS YOU DO EVERY SINGLE WEEK". We get two subjects that we are tested on every week. This becomes frustrating because the IA's are still going on😕. IA's are considered to be internal assessments. Keep in mind that the extended essay is a huge part of the IB curriculum's diploma programme that also needs to be completed. The question comes in "Why would a school consider giving students weekly test?"😤
Weekly tests were suppose to serve as an advantageous way of receiving grades therefore if you had scored poorly in class assignments, your progress through weekly tests could possibly be used to show your application process of what you learn in class therefore giving you a high grade😏. Years passed and the idea of weekly test being used to bring up grades disappeared. Currently it's seen to be a child's downfall because you can't necessarily study perfectly for 2 tests every single week for at least 4 months.
Therefore if you were considering to apply to the IB, then consider how they have interpreted the criterions. Do they value CAS? because although most of the obstacles are mean't to be put in place to help prepare you for university, Most of these obstacles are the start of many people's depression, stress and anxiety over not being able to achieve the highest possible mark in comparison to kids in other curriculum who may not be pressured as we are.
If you need me to answer more questions in regards to the IB and how I'm currently surviving this long and agonizing journey then either leave a comment down below or text me on either one of these social media platforms and say you came from lucky's blog and maybe you might be responsible for the next possible post. Stay tuned lucky freaks for more content😝✌👅
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Saturday, 8 July 2017

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Sunday, 30 April 2017

The cat by the corner poem-Lakisha Plummer

The cat by the corner poem-Lakisha Plummer

The cat by the corner was born in a castle

Poise,wealth,calmness and grace
A bundle of joy didn't have to move a muscle
You could play with her or pull her to an embrace.

The cat by the corner started to grow Her flaws began to hover and her scars began to show Pet to the queen who later died The son thought it would be best to throw out the cat and introduce it to the other side The cat by the corner found a place to eat Next to the bar where the greedy people meet They drink their beers and throw their food Because what they have is nothing compared to the money they grab from the poor and the good. The cat by the corner has a scar to remember From the day the alley cats attacked last December Scratched her eye so she’d have only one to see And day by day she would try to plea Because life only got worse Time and time again She closed all her doors Yet she sat in the rain The cat by the corner started to give To the lies, to the beatings, to the crimes, to the fight To the uncooked food that didn’t smell right To the Rejection from many no matter how many times she purred While all she wanted was for you to rub her fur The cat by the corner now sits at the corner I guess you saw her life in a microscope You would try to help but you would just ignore her Because the way you treated her made her loose hope

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Why I haven't posted in so long

I can practically explain why I haven't uploaded posts in so long but I guess it's because there is a correlation between your academic performance and your connection to social media. You would think that people telling you to get off your social media would be so cliche but the truth is it is what it is. After a while you decide to challenge this stigma by trying it out yourself. I didn't really try it, it wasn't really a choice so I more or less just made it a part of my life.
Generally people usually tell me that when school is over, I am going to find something in me that is going to make me miss school. As we speak I'm 17 years of age and I'm doing my last year of high school and I would like to say that I would not miss every bit of school. Mostly because of the fact that I felt as it school limited my emotional intelligence. School made me believe as if I would never be able to achieve anything in life because I wasn't good in certain subjects and had teachers to remind me that. This left me in depression. I left social media thinking that it doesn't fill the void it used to because how do you get better at a subject by wasting time writing about things on the internet. Therefore I've concluded that I don't understand why filthy people go to school because it doesn't make sense when us poor people are fighting to get the skills to run a company or something bigger in life.
I am not saying that I'm back and that I'm going to blog 24/7 I'm just saying that life just keeps on getting tougher and I need to adjust to that. I will email according to whether or not I'll be done with my assignments because I'm applying to university soon. I'll post a new video soon and incase you feel like stoppng by my social media.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Your virtual problem listener

I don't know if that's the right word but I'm referring to someone who listens to your issues, your deepest desires and practically everything you have to say. How does it help really? Well you get to express yourself and have your problems addressed here without having your name displayed on the post. I believe that many people have been depressed and committed suicide because of not being heard or not being understood and it's time that we try to understand one another if we ever want to have a peaceful world. 
Therefore I am willing to listen to your problems and adress them in forms of posts. 
I know it's been a year since I posted and I know it's too short to have this as my first post in ages. IB has been kind of all over me and I'm almost graduating so I'll be over this and on to this blog in no time. For now you don't have to be all emotional on the comments but you may comment something that you feel is worth talking about and I'm open to all opinion either positive or negative but let's just try to keep it positive ... 😝😝😝