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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Your virtual problem listener

I don't know if that's the right word but I'm referring to someone who listens to your issues, you deepest desires and practically everything you have to say. How does it help really? Well you get to express yourself and have your problems addressed here without having your name displayed on the post. I believe that many people have been depressed and committed suicide because of not being heard or not being understood and it's time that we try to understand one another if we ever want to have a peaceful world with no violence. Therefore I am willing to listen to your problems and adress them in forms of posts. I know it's been a year since I posted and I know it's too short to have this as my first post in ages. IB has been kind of all over me and I'm almost graduating so I'll be over this and on to this blog in no time. For now you don't have to be all emotional on the comments but you may comment something that you feel is worth talking about and I'm open to all opinion be it positive or negative but let's just try to keep it positive then.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

New video on youtube

I have released a new video. It's "types of baby sitters" and it's all about a couple that is looking for the right baby sitter for their kids and to get the right one they have to have an interview between many of the most freakiest, creepiest,happiest and very masculine looking people. Prepare to see the most extraordinary people on Earth and find out who is the right baby sitter for the kids.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

How to write reflections

You have to start the your reflection with what you did ofcourse! You have to include a summary of whatever it is that you did! Don't miss any major part of that event that could have possibly either increased your knowledge on something or helped you with something new.

so why don't you just sit back relax and just keep watching this for 15 seconds before continuing to the next point!

Or you can just skip the 15 seconds and continue on the topic on how to write the reflection. For all those who actually did as I instructed, you would probably be very angry because the alternative was read 15 seconds later but for all those that just skipped! I see the high school failures.

Anyways as I was saying you continuing but stating what you found easy and this is important to you because you are including something that you had either achieved if this is a connection to a previous reflection or if it is the first time it is the first thing that you were able to achieve generally and include things that you found easy to achieve.

Then ofcourse you have to then include things that you found challenging and what basically grinded your gears and why.

How about you comment on what grinds your grinds. This is basically the easiest way to find out the soul part of your reflection. Just find something that annoyed you or something that you found very difficult about the topic.

At this point after being done with something that grinds your gears you have to discuss how you were able to over come that issue and how you were to solve the problem that made the situation so difficult.There has to be something that you did to solve that issue
For example: This holiday I did lots of drills for my basketball club................................................................
difficulty: Could not do a perfect lay up
solution: I practiced my steps 
so by stating that you practiced you have stated how you were able to over come that issue.
If you were in IB you would have been expected to add an ATL skill as well:
Thinking skills
Research skills
AND SO ON....................
You would have had to explain which skill you have improved and show how you improved in your reflection.
Wait you're not an IB student? Well good for you because now you don't have to waste time writing an extra paragraph you can just skip to the next step.
Finally you write what you would have done to make it better. Maybe if you got the chance to choose this club again what would you have tried to improve, that's an example and I would say if I did improve my right lay up that the next time I get to be in such a situation, I would try to perfect my left lay up now and work for the steps for that lay up. If you hadn't perfected the right lay up then you can talk about trying to perfect it and showing how you would have learn't the skills faster. What would you have done in order to grasp the concept of the footwork for the perfect right lay up for example!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Singer changes Love song

Although the original version of I'm not the only one had emotion, you have not seen anything yet. A new version of I'm not the only one came out and this singer brings it out in ways you can't believe. You can feel the emotions when she sings and picture the sad moment when her voice tingles in your ears.
Image result for iman cochu
but that's not all this girl ain't just a singer, she's also a very amazing artist and a very good actor which explains the very professional and amazing expressions you get from the way she sings. She feels the music in such a way that you can tell that she has gone through these situations some time in her life which has still not been confirmed but she is able to blow people's minds using her voice.
Image result for iman cochu
This fabulous singer is also french and her most popular song is in french so I practically don't know the full name but do yourself a favour check out her profile and her song and you'll probably find it anyways.She has also made french songs.
Okay now back to this girl! She's very talented in many categories because if being good in music,art and drama wasn't enough, she has had experience in athletics and football as well and is considered a very fast learner in any sport that's brought her way.
You are totally dead wrong!
She is also a girl known to be good at every subject name it! Math, English..........list goes on.......

She is also really pretty if you noticed the curly hair, beautiful freckles that make her face glow, nice teeth, great complexion and cool dressing style.

In my opinion I think when god was making human beings he forgot the fact that some of us (also wanted these talents too) and that I also wanted to be Mozart because I look at that pinky and still wonder where my pinky goes because when I play i look like my pinky is just paralysed because it never use it while I'm playing. It just hangs there
.Image result for iman cochu
People can be Scout Cochu (Iman cochu)
so just watch the video and join the amazement with me:
Please watch!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

check out the poem!

Please check the poem out!
It shows how humans have changed over the hundreds of humans, the contrast of how humans used to be before technology and the human of this century

Sunday, 1 June 2014

The (Flawed) Culture of Education Today

The cartoon above shows one of the most troubling things many teachers have to go through today and in my opnion, one of the funniest things I have seen and personally thank god for that.  Teacher accountability is spiraling out of control; from parent blame for their child’s poor grades to pressure from administrators and government officials who decide how much funding the school receives based on student test grades.
Fifty years ago teachers worked in a simpler educational system according to the people who lived before the 21st century (the old guys); corporal punishment did not carry the stigma it does today, it wasn't consider abuse which it really is;mentally and academically and the curriculum did not have to be altered in an effort to produce better test scores.  Today, technology-driven students are driven by instant gratification while being over stimulated through smartphones and social networking.  This, in turn, has led to a culture of youth entitlement and parents adhering to their children’s every need, however ridiculous.
Technically this means for teachers is that their class’s attention span continues to decrease, forcing them to be more like “edutainers” than educators.  While not all teachers subscribe to this ideology, most if not all are affected by their students’ behavior...........(we're evil!)
The culture of education in America is lacking and parent involvement continues to dramatically decline when it is the most needed.  That is not to say all parents fail to play an active role in their child’s education.  Many parents are very outspoken and critical of schools and educators.
In many cases, if a parent is upset by the way a teacher is conducting their class or their child is receiving poor grades, they by-pass the teacher and go straight for an administrator.  This is where steady communication between teachers and administrators is essential as it eliminates doubt on both ends, producing a singular narrative.
The problems with some children today are their growing dependency upon their parents, shortening attention spans influenced by instant gratification and stimulation overload and overall apathy towards learning.
How do teachers combat this new breed of student?  That is a great question. well as you guys get smarter, they get even smarter.............(evil laugh).Technological approaches never hurt as teachers use one of their most prominent barriers in reaching students and use it to their advantage.
My teaching philosophy has always focused on a student-centered, expeditionary learning model with differentiated instruction/assessment, so developing lesson plans that are stimulating and diverse is a necessity.
Some teachers, disenchanted with the prospect of change, are not willing to conform and remain conservative in their philosophical approach.  It is usually this type of teacher who gives the anti-tenure argument strength and validity.
Now with this cartoon,the one above shows how teachers continue to be stripped of leverage and authority within the classroom.  As hard as any teacher attempts to adapt to this generation of student, the politics are grossly one-sided and not in their favor which again (evil laugh) must be thankful (as students) to live in such a world of teachers.
I ask again, what can teachers do to not be the punching bag for both parents/students and administrators/school boards?  Does reinvigorating your lesson plans and catering to the students’ un-quenching desire to be electronically stimulated help?  What about basing their pay on student performance on standardized tests?
IT'S HOPELESS.............(evil laugh)....Oh wait!

Quite honestly, there is no definitive answer.  The debate between merit pay and tenure is for another post, but the sheer existence of merit pay illustrates how teachers are under fire from every angle.
Both of the cartoon tend to show the lack of respect towards both the teachers.  Students will not, and cannot, accept blame nor take any responsibility for their actions, parents refuse to believe that collaborating with teachers will help their child succeed, and administrators expect high test scores because they are instrumental to the school’s flow of revenue and prestige.  It is worth noting that the United States is not alone in this problem.

Even in France the same thing applies so technically are we forced to live a life where kids rule (cause we do) we'll never know........only time will tell but that's just my opinion let me see yours in the comments below!